Thursday, February 12, 2009

Early Valentines Day Gift

i recieved these two adorable hello kitty plush animals from my baby as early valentines day gifts i am so happy with them they are super cute. enjoy xXoO -j

Onitsuka Tiger......the eye of the tiger: )

Onitsuka Tiger by Asics Ultimate 81 happen to be my all time favorite shoes for now lol. my sister got me hooked they are so comfortable i just received my fourth pair in the mail today which is amazing because i orderd them yesterday zappos is the best. enjoy xXoO -j

Wednesday, February 11, 2009


i came across a great site today it is called it is basically a ebay that helps people with AIDS all the stuff you buy is donated and the money earned goes to a worthy cause so you can shop and help people at the same time which is awesome they also have some really cool stuff so please check it out. enjoy xXoO -j

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

China Glaze 3

Ghoulish Glow

Halloween is my favorite holiday this nail polish is perfect for Halloween. My sister who happens to be a nailpolishaholic as well gave me a helpful tip if you paint your nails white first and then apply the glow in the dark it last longer and stands out more. enjoy xXoO -j

China Glaze 2

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every time i hear/read the "omg" acronym i think about the movie superstar with Molly Shannon there is a scene where she is drifting off to sleep and Will Ferrell jesus comes into her room and she says "oh my god" and he says "oh my me" if you have not seen it check it out its a stupid funny movie. enjoy xXoX -j

Monday, February 9, 2009

China Glaze 1

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For Audrey

i really love the For Audrey color i call it Tiffany blue....

but its really called robins egg blue. enjoy, xXoO-j

China Glaze

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• Ruby Pumps
• Lubu Heels
• Red Pearl
• Vertical Rush

christian louboutin nails...sigh
i wish i could afford those shoes or i could have long enough nails to pull of the nails. enjoy, xXoO -j

my dream shoes
in my dreams i can afford these boots and walk in them possibly run in them and do ninja kicks.


I hope you have found my page on purpose and not by accident. If it was by accident please stay take a look around. I am a self diagnosed nailpolishaholic i cannot resist the urge to buy nail polish its a healthy addiction or least i tell myself that. so with that said i will be uploading my photos and talking about colors i want or "need" lol. enjoy xXoO -j.
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